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My Day Off

My Day Off.

Most people in our contry work five days a week but students and pupils work six days. They have only one day off. It is Sunday.
I like this day very much. On this day I wake up later than usual. As soon as I get up I air the room, make my bad and do morning exercises. Then I have breakfast. Two more hours for getting ready with my homework and I am free. I meet my friends and we discuss our plans together. We may go to the cinema or theatre, to museums and parks. In fine weather we also like to be out of town. We find a nice place somewhere in the forest or on the bank of the river. We lie in the sun, play different games and swim. In winter my friends and I often go to the skating-ring. When the weather is bad my friends come to my place. We listen to music or go to the cinema. In the evening all the members of our family get together. We have our supper, watch TV or read books. I enjoy my days off very much.
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